Competitive, transparent

With our competitive rates you are demonstrably cheaper with us than with most, if not all other Dutch providers. For example, for VAT free storage of silver in Zurich, we only charge 0.9%. What’s more, at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, we never charge you with additional costs such as entry and exit costs, transaction costs, delivery costs. This applies to both our storage locations.

Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland handles the storage of your gold, silver and other precious metals (all coins or bars) from 5,000 euros, with a quarterly billing cycle based on the average (replacement) value of the precious metals stored. You can pay your invoices by direct debit.

Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland offers the following rates*:

Our rates and fees

Storage feePrecious metal
0,65 %Gold
0,9 %Silver, platinum, palladium
Deposits€ 0,-
Withdrawals€ 0,-
Transactions€ 0,-
Transportation€ 0,-

* Insurance fees included, 21% VAT not included


Buy Back Guarantee

Do you want to resell your precious metals? Like Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, Inkoop Edelmetaal is affiliated with The Silver Mountain and offers a competitively priced Buy Back Guarantee on all gold and silver bars and coins purchased there. What’s more, even if you bought your precious metals elsewhere Inkoop Edelmetaal offers optimum redemption rates on your gold and silver.

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