Our facilities

Secure storage

You want the assurance that your sustainable assets are protected in the best possible way. Our heavily secured facilities are class X certified and fully specialized in the storage of precious metals. Your guarantee, that your precious metals are optimally protected against e.g. theft, terrorism, natural disasters and confiscation by third parties. Our storage facilities are located in Rotterdam and Zurich.

The Netherlands


The exclusive vaults of the former Hollandsche Bank Unie in Rotterdam are secured to the highest standards and ideally suited for the storage of precious metals for your convenience: Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland does not charge any deposit or withdrawal costs and you can have your precious metal sent to a different location, such as your home address, at all times. Our location in Rotterdam is also accessible for viewings.



Loomis International in Zurich, Switzerland, is known as the largest storage facility for precious metals in Europe. Many banks, including Credit Suisse, store gold in its highly secured vaults.

The best rates for VAT-free silver

Many Dutch private individuals opt for storage by Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland at this location because of its highly advantageous possibility to store their silver tax-free: the applicable rates of Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland are up to 30% lower than the rates charged by other providers for storage in a customs depot in the Netherlands. This is partly due to our unique space-saving storage method for silver coins.


Special offers

Our Swiss storage facility offers another important advantage: with Loomis we are at the heart of the dynamic international trade market in precious metals. This gives us and our trading partner The Silver Mountain the possibility to identify great opportunities right away and offer you the best deals first. Would you like to be the first to know? Subscribe to the newsletter of The Silver Mountain for regular updates!