Your trust, our security

Safe storage

Proven excellence in insured storage

You seek to protect your sustainable assets in the best possible way. Count on Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland to provide optimum conditions for the secure storage of your gold and other precious metals.

  • Reliable, competitively priced, secure and fully allocated
  • Your precious metal optimally insured
  • Compliant with all legal rules, regulations and duty of care requirements

Our storage locations



By choosing Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland you exclusively opt for specialized storage locations that meet the highest requirements, ensuring your precious metals are optimally protected against theft, terrorism, natural disasters and so forth.

Our storage facilities are located in Rotterdam and Zurich.

Storage rates

Competitive & Transparent

With our competitive rates you are demonstrably cheaper with us than with most, if not all other Dutch providers. For example, for VAT free storage of silver in Zurich, we only charge 0.9%. What’s more, at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, we never charge you with additional costs such as entry and exit costs, transaction costs, delivery costs. This applies to both our storage locations.